Documentary   |  2018    |  80min

A Bolivian family leaves their country, their culture, and their traditions behind; distancing themselves from the Pachamama in search of the God that can be found in the big cities, the "Platamama". The documentary follows the family of immigrants living in São Paulo and working in the sewing industry for big clothing brands. Showing their daily routine, the film portrays a work-centered life under precarious circumstances: they are neither in their native land nor in any land, where consumerism and dreams are their only escape from reality.

Directed by Alice Riff


Film Companies Studio Riff and Paideia Filmes

Screenwriter Alice Riff

Executive producer Heverton Lima

Film editing by Yuri Amaral

Cinematography by Dan de Carvalho

Sound mixer Rubén Valdez

Sound editor Mariana Vieira

Movie poster Ana Prata e Guilherme Ginane



Denilson Chiara Manami, Carmen Manami, Pamela Ruth Apaza, Mari Apaza, Richards Tex Brown Mahaney

The project won the best project in development at Bolivia Lab 2015; and participated at Brasil Cinemundi - Coproduction Meeting 2014 - and Atlantic Doc (Development Laboratory, Uruguay).


Tiradentes Film Festival, 2018