Marina's Ocean

Fiction   |  2014  |  17min 

A group of countryside students are preparing a special trip to the beach. Marina, a 15-year-old girl with Down syndrome, wants nothing more than to visit the sea for the first time. Forbidden to travel with the other kids, Marina starts her own journey towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Directed and screenplay by Cássio Perreira dos Santos

Film Companies Campo Cerrado, Paideia Filmes anda Trotoar

Executive producer Heverton Lima

Line producer Vanessa Maciel

Cinematography by Leonardo Feliciano

Film editing by Idê Lacreta

Art design by Denise Vieira

Sound recordist Camila Machado e Francisco Craesmeyer

Sound design Camila Machado

Sound mix Alexandre Jardim (CTAv)

Music by Gianni Dias e Tiê

Cast Aline Videira, Cláudia Assunção, Amanda Andrade, João Lucas Neto




​Marina's Ocean was honored with 24 awards and screened at more than 60 national and international festivals, including countries such as Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Holland, England, USA, Canada, Argentina and Chile, winning awards at the Int'l Children's Film Festival of New York (Award for Best Short Film by the Jury, which was composed by Susan Sarandon, Gus Van Sant among others), Taiwan, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre (Acquisition Award from TVE) and Cine Ceará (Best Screenplay and Acquisition Award from Canal Brasil) and ComKIDS Festival - Prix Jeuneusse Iberoamericano 2015 (Best Short - Teen Category) and finalist in the international stage, integrating "Quality in Children's TV Worldwide" along with other projects qualified for excellence in the production of children's content for TV around the world. In addition, the film has been licensed for TVs in the US, Japan, Switzerland, Argentina,  and Brazil.


Best Short Film, New York Int'l Children Film Festival, 2015, EUA -

Best Short Film, Taiwan Int'l Children Film Festival, 2016, Taiwan -

Best Short Film (Teen Showcase), Int'l Children Film Festival (FICI) 2014, Brazil  -

Best Script and Canal Brasil Award, Festival Cine Ceará 2014, Brazil  -

TVE AWARD, Primeira Janela: Porto Alegre Children Film Festival

Certificate of Merit, Rochester International Film Festival 2015, U.S. - 


Aspen ShortsFest 2014, U.S. (International Premiere) -
Giffoni Film Festival 2014, Italy - Masterclass Shorts -
Shnit Short Film Festival 2014, Switzerland - Official selection -
Catalina Film Festival 2014, U.S. - Official Selection -
Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival 2014, U.S. - Official Selection -
Mo&Friese ChildrenShortFilmFestival Hamburg 2015, Germany -
Sprout Film Festival - NY Disability Fest 2015, U.S - Official Selection -

ComKIDS Festival - Prix Jeuneusse Iberoamericano 2015 -

Flickers - Rhode Island International Film Festival 2015 - Official Selection -
Cinema in Sneakers - Warsaw Youth Film Festival 2015, Poland - Official Selection -
Oceanside Int'l Film Festival 2015, U.S. - Official Selection -
CASA Latin America Festival 2014, England -
Maine Outdoor Film Festival 2015, U.S. - Official Selection -
Nueva Mirada - Buenos Aires Int'l Children's Film Festival 2015, Argentina - Official Selection -
Mostra de Tiradentes, 2014, Brasil - Official Selection -
Mostra de Cinema Conquista 2014, Brazil - Official Selection -
Goiânia Mostra Curtas 2014, Brazil - Cinema nos Bairros -
Mostra CineBH 2014, Brazil -
Mostra Miragem, Tocantins, Brazil -
Mostra de Cinema de Gostoso, Brazil -
Festival Curta Brasília -
Mostra de Cinema Infantil de Florianópolis 2015, Brazil -

Festival Filmes da Estação 2015, Brazil -
Assim Vivemos: Brazil's Disability Film Festival 2015 -


Magnet Films (International)

The film is available on digital video on demand platforms.