Guigo Offline

Fiction | 2017 | 52min (Telefilme)

Guigo (12) is in love for Sabrina (12), who exchange messages on their phones. He is a son of divorced parents. One day, he and his friend Tulio (12) travel with his father, Roberto and his friend Paulo to a ranch. The fishery would be wonderful… if there was internet signal. Besides the internet, Guigo will face another situation: Paulo is his father's boyfriend..

Directed by  René Guerra

Original ideia, argument e screenplay by  Cássio Pereira dos Santos

Cast  Antonio Haddad Aguerre, Alexandre Cioletti, Pedro Goifman, Roberto Rezende, Fernanda Stefanski e Sabrina Nonata

Film Companies Boulevard Filmes and Paideia Filmes

Producers Letícia Friedrich, Lourenço Sant'Anna, Heverton Lima

Executive producer  Heverton Lima e Letícia Friedrich

Line production  Thais Moressi

Cinematography by  Júlia Zakia

Art direction by Monica Palazzo e Renata Rugai

Costume by  César Martins

Film editing by  Eva Randolph

Sound design  Tiago Bello e Marcos Lopes

Original Soundtrack Felipe Puperi

Sound recordist  Fred França


Best Feature Film at Mix Brazil 2017, 2017

Best Feature Filme and Best Direction at Festival of Cinema and Culture of Sexual Diversity – For Rainbow, Brazil, 2017


Best Feature Film at Rio de Janeiro Festival of Gender & Sexuality in Cinema, Brazil, 2018


Guigo Offline is one of the highlights of the "Quality in Children's TV Worldwide" catalog in 2018, published by the Festival Prix Jeunesse, along with other projects qualified for excellence in the production of children's TV content worldwide.



Canada Kids Film Festival, Toronto, 2017

Espacio Queer, La Plata, Argentina, 2017

13ª Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto, CineOP, 2018

Rio de Janeiro Festival of Gender & Sexuality in Cinema, Rio de Janeiro, 2018


Boulevard Filmes (Brazil)

Pacotinho de filmes (International)